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Theatre Dance Music Studio (Tuition)


Neil Ogley, former pianist to HM the Queen has openings for some students to be taught privately. All students considered at whatever level.  Students will have the opportunity of performance and also to study for examinations.  

Music Technology

Learn how to use professional music technology software for the creation of music. Lessons will include arranging for different instruments and the manipulation of sound. Recording vocals and other instruments. Sibelius and Dorico  notational software tuition is also offered. This can be studied in conjunction with Piano or Keyboard 


Songwriting and recording is taught during these sessions. This can be used for GCSE/A Level/BTEC/VCert  preparation/ revision. 


Follow the link below to login to the Theatre Dance Music Studio 


Keyboards With Your Kids


Learn keyboards with your child

Achieve the thing you always wanted to do, play the Piano/keyboard, but then do this with your child and with others in a fantastic environment. The sessions are 60 mins long with a small break in the middle. You will need to enrol with your child for this offer.  Some students will go on to record and produce their own music using music technology.  

There are fabulous performance opportunities  during the lessons  to really show off your skills. 

Join me, Neil Ogley,  in this new and exciting musical activity for a FREE taster on Thursday 30 May at the Hayling College  10 -11 AM.  All you have to do is fill in the registration form below, see you all there!! If you really like it sign up for the summer - £7 each session for both of you. 


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