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Music for Ballet, Tap, Modern Stage and song and Dance

Instrumental Theatre Dance Albums

Theatre Dance Music have been producing high quality instrumental music for all branches of Theatre dance for the last 30 years. we are now moving into a new exciting age of digital downloads with no actual physical products which is cheaper and far more efficient. We are have a large presence on Itunes in the form of a selection of albums that are available for download. This product range is developing all the time and over the next 12 months even more recordings will be available.

The focus online is very much to do with Theatre Dance and the strands of Ballet, Tap, Modern Stage and Song and Dance. The recordings are cut to the correct competition/festival length of between 2- 3 minutes.  The arrangements are interesting and are not just backing tracks they are festival winners. When you have spent a fortune on the costume and hours rehearsing you do need the right track to dance to.

We aim to bring high quality, interesting and inspiring music to your performance, for any application and whatever event. Get in touch with us either on the phone or Facebook to have your musical dreams come true.

To play for dance is to understand what dancers and singers need out of their music. At Theatre dance Music we have had decades of experience playing, composing, and recording music for dance and the story goes on getting better and better.


Learn Keyboards With your Kids

Bespoke Services for the industry


Cabaret / Band Charts

If you are doing or intend to do cruise ships as cabaret, visiting artist, it is essential that you carry your own charts arranged for the resident musicians, up to 10 piece arrangements. These need to be of very high quality and work. Not too easy and not too difficult so you can get on with your show and not have to worry about tempos and other orchestrations. Have click tracks produced for that extra wow factor and have all your charts marked up ready to go. Own the raw data, have PDF's  for use on tablets and other readers.  All projects undertaken are bespoke and do not involve re-sale or distribution in any way. 

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Shows and Productions

Are you a theatre school, dancing academy, college or performing arts centre looking for a show, show concept or general inspiration. We have provided mini shows and can collate, produce and supply full length shows with backing tracks, charts and clicks all to order. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. All these are done order for each specific client and do not involve re-sale or distribution in any way.

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That special original idea that you have always wanted to do. The lyric you needed a melody for, a product jingle, a writing partner, an original arrangement for dance, skating or gymnastics. Theatre Dance can make your dreams come true. Call us. or email!

Bespoke Arrangements

OK, so you need a competition dance or vocal arrangement. How about an audition piece that will really impress. You know what you want, you have the charts, but you need this putting together so you will win that medal, get the gig, pass the audition.  Look no further, we have everything that you want right here. 

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Vocal Reels/Recording Sessions

As a vocalist you need to heard by your employers, agents managers. The vocal reel is an essential tool for you progressing with your career. Letting your chosen audience hear the very best of your voice across multiple genres and styles is the key to getting work in our industry.  call and talk about your personal requirements and then come and record in our Hayling Island project studio to get exactly what you need. 

Recording sessions

Aimed primarily at vocalists for demo recordings or song an dance recording gifts for family.  come and use our recording facilities on Hayling Island and create that extra special product/gift.


Embrace Your Passion


Neil Ogley has been in music for close to 50 years and is wildly passionate about all aspects of the industry. Being a dancing class pianist from the age of 12 he has vast knowledge of the requirements of the dancer, dance teacher and performer

Live Life in music


At Theatre Dance life is in the music, whatever genre and for whatever the use.  The better the music the better the overall performance. We pride ourselves in the quality of our creativity.

Be Inspired By Everything


I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and give my clients exactly what they need from their music. A choreographer needs to be inspired to create, as must a gymnast or ice dancer, that is what we aim for in our music.


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Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Have keyboard piano or other lessons. Have an arrangement made or a piece written? Reach out, and let's make magic happen. 

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