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Dance Ballerina

Track List

  1. A Hero's Return
  2. Beautiful Star of Heaven
  3. Blush Roses
  4. Dream Dance No 2
  5. Midsummer Nights Dream (Excerpt)
  6. Coppelia Waltz (Excerpt)
  7. Moonlight Sonata (Excerpt)
  8. Falling Leaves
  9. Grande Valse Brilliant
  10. Loves Sweet Dream
  11. Magic Circle
  12. Melodie D'Amour
  13. Piano Impromptu-Undecided
  14. Piano No 1
  15. Piano No 2
  16. Quakergrass and Cloves
  17. Serenade in D
  18. Spanish Festival
  19. Italian Girl in Algiers
  20. The Water Wheel
  21. Valse Lente
  22. Valse Majestic



Pathetique Piano Sonata (Excerpt)

Pathetique Sonata arrangement (Beethoven)

This didn't make the Final Album but it is a free example of the type of arrangement and quality of work that is on it. Please enjoy.