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Sheet Music

Have sheet music (Charts) prepared for any combination of players so that your performance will have that special live sparkle. This is a necessity if you are working on any cruise ship or at Warners, (Bourne Leisure) in the UK.  Each part is prepared by industry professionals so they are easy to read with all the necessary information. This includes score and all raw material.  For information regarding the production of Charts and backing tracks (Click) please mail. Please note we do not carry a catalogue of downloadable music, each arrangement is quoted differently for each client and is unique for purpose. Clients can be assured of originality in all cases.  charts@theatredancemusic.com 

Mark Summers

Top tribute Act Mark Summers uses Theatre Dance Music Charts and Clicks for his International Elvis Trubute Show. 

Neil and Jana Ogley

Our very own Cabaret show charts and clicks were done by Theatre Dance Music. These are for an 8 piece live band with clicks that run alongside.

Kieren Sutclffie

International singing star Kieren  also uses our charts  with his very latest arrangements being produced by us at Theatre Dance Music